Our production lines are assembled in the North-East of Romania, near the borders with the Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova, in a strategic hub recognized for the quality of its workers and the know-how of the technicians.

Pattern development

The creation of patterns is the first step and the most important step in the garment production process. As each client is unique and has a specific body type it requires custom tailoring to create an unparalleled fit.

Logistic center

Botosani beeing the headquarter of Formens, we centralize here the information as per client requests, beeing further allocated to it’s destination. QC and dispatch are organized from the same hub.

Short delivery time

Thanks to our large production capacity and a high level of digitalization based on RFID technology, we have the shortest European delivery term. Short delivery term and respect of delivery term are crucial for the MTM business.

Order management platform

To facilitate the monitoring of the order, to know its evolution at any moment, to quickly set-up the customer product, to renew an older order, we developed an order manager interface.

Focus on MTM

We are progressively turning our Ready to Wear capacity to Made to Measure production. Our objective is to dedicate our Romanian factory with 950 workers entirely to Made to Measure production.

Fabric selection

We put at your disposal our private label bunches composed of 700 refferences, some of them are permanent, some are based on the quick service of the supplier and some are seasonal articles.

Formens group with its 2 own factories where are working 1700 employes, is 5 to 10 times bigger than the other Made to Measure European Manufacturer present on the market. This size allows us to manage in an optimal way the MTM seasonal spring peak (thanks to the wedding suits demand) by switching capacity from RTW to MTM and reverse.

The main difference between RTW and MTM is the cutting. We have largely grow our MTM cutting capacity by purchasing 8 additional cutting tables in september 2022, our cutting capacity is not used all the year but calibrated for the peak weeks during spring without creating delays.

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