An Italian Sartorial Jacket made in Europe

With the help and the passion of MR Alberto Caruso (Ex-CEO of MACO in SORAGNA) we built this new sartorial line. Starting with the layout and the equipement used, we strictly follow the Italian way of manufacturing a Traditional Jacket. These hand-made finishes are included as a standard in our production:

  • collar attachment,
  • sleeve lining finishing,
  • jacket bottom and sleeve vents finishing.
We also provide as an option, hand-made buttonholes.

Added Value well ahead of production

Guided by freelance designers, working with the latest fabrics, fits and trends, Formens accompanies its clients right from the conception phase of their products and collections.

Thanks to our sourcing team we are able to find everything our clients need regarding fabrics, trims and different constructions for suits , jackets , trousers and casual chic products .

The pattern is essential for the fit and the quality of the suit

Formens benefits from the know-how of well renowned italian specialists which have developped patterns with a perfect fit .

The different suit cuts, inspired by Italian and English styles, can be modifed to receive any type of lapels, pockets etc .

When it comes to the casual chic styles, we can start the developpment process from a sketch made by you, a picture, a technical file or even a sample. We will allways offer the best ideas and solutions regarding the patterns or the construction, like the most appropriate fusing in order to ensure the best fit of the garment.

Capacity and Reactivity close to you

Our headqurters and the main factory are in Botosani, Romania. Formens has 900 employees divided in 2 production sites which are situated very close to each other and work in joint contracting


    The site in Botosani
    On more than 15000 m2 with 700 employees, this is our central hub, all the logistics are located here. This site is comprised of the three following production chains :

    Line 1 (Fused and Half Canvas Construstions) produces 12500 jackets monthly .
    Line 2 (Full Canvas Constructions) produces 5500 jackets monthly.
    Line 3 (Trousers) produces 6500 trousers monthly.

    The site in Dorohoi – situated 35 km from Botosani – has 200 employees on 6000 m2 and produces 25 000 trousers monthly on 3 production lines .


    Formens has developped a close and long term partnership with a number of factories in the proximity, in Romania, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova .
    Formens books the production capacity of these production lines for the whole year and manages 100% of the planning, the supplying of all the necessary materials, the logistics and also monitors and controls the quality .

    We manufacture 40 000 jackets, 35 000 trousers and 10 000 casual jackets monthly within the production sites of our 3 main subcontractors .
    These sites are involved only in the ready to wear ( pret a porter ) part of the business, the made to measure being exclusively manufactured in our own site in Botosani.

Anticipation and reactivity are essential in Ready to Wear

Formens can manufacture either on CM ( facon ) or FF ( fully factored ) by taking charge of the purchases of fabrics and trims .

In order to increase our reactivity regarding repeating orders, FORMENS stocks many trims like linings, waistbanding and buttons, as well as more than 30 000 jackets and suits in more than 3500 m2 .

With 15 trucks ( 3.5t ) working exclusivelly for FORMENS, we offer fast and reliable deliveries in Europe and France .