An Italian Sartorial Jacket made in Europe

With the help and the passion of MR Alberto Caruso (Ex-CEO of MACO in SORAGNA) we built this new sartorial line. Starting with the layout and the equipement used, we strictly follow the Italian way of manufacturing a Traditional Jacket. These hand-made finishes are included as a standard in our production:

  • collar attachment,
  • sleeve lining finishing,
  • jacket bottom and sleeve vents finishing.
We also provide as an option, hand-made buttonholes.

Trendy styles with an exceptional fit

In order to adapt to all markets and european styles , Formens has developped a set of patterns inspired by :

the Italian style:

  • Soft structure, comfort
  • Natural shoulder lines with thin shoulder pads

the English Style:

  • Fused , structured construction
  • Shoulder lines with thicker shoulder pads

Our design team, with an experience of over a decade, has acquired the sense of proportions that characterizes a beautiful garment .

FORMENS offers an outstanding selection of hundreds of made to measure cuts for jackets, waistcoats , trousers and coats .

These are available in many variations of collars, lapels and other options in order to create very modern garments without making any compromise on elegance.

Design your own... We will make it !

The list of customization options offered by us has grown over the years and enables the customer to build his own suit in every small detail :

  • Pockets
  • Lapels
  • Button holes
  • Linings
  • Contrast threads
  • Elbow patches
  • Ganses
  • Buttons
  • ..and many others ...

The know how of tailoring

Formens, a company derived from the French textile industry, has benefited from the know–how of renowned specialists that worked in leading companies in this field. Starting from a pattern making business made several decades ago, using all the know-how in this domain, we have created a fully automated chain of order management by combining our internally developped IT applications with the Gerber applications for the made to measure concept.

Beyond the dimensional adjustments on jackets and trousers our know-how enables us to manufacture a garment that adapts to the client`s morphology .
A measurement session starts by observing the stance of the person : it can be normal, reversed or vaulted, after that, the shoulder line ( left or right ), can be normal, low or high, and finally the chest that can be normal, flat or curved .
We will not make the same pattern ajustments for a person that has low shoulders and a normal posture, as a person that has low shoulders and a vaulted stance. Based on the posture, shoulders and chest we have a database with 18264 possible alteration combinations.

Fabric selection is fundamental in made to measure

Having a large fabric selection to present to our clients is paramount, obtaining the fabrics at the best price possible is just as important. Formens, thanks to its financial strength, buys important quantities of fabrics that are stocked direcly on-site.

  • Dormeuil
  • Vitale Barberis
  • Reda
  • Cerruti
  • and many more ....

The management of these stocks is very closely tracked thanks to the development of a Bussiness to Bussiness monitoring system on the internet, which allows our customers to check fabric availability in stock, in real-time.

An ergonomic and reliable order management

In order to facilitate the monitoring of the order and to know its evolution at any moment, Formens developed the ORDER MANAGER, a web interface which allows the client:

  • To quickly set up the customer's suits : measurements, alterations, options and fabrics.
  • To check the evolution of the product thanks to a computerized tracking at each stage of production,
  • To renew an older order
  • To download our marketing materials

Delivering a made to measure garment as quickly as possible is important, maintaining the promised deadline to the final client is even more important. Our production lead times are usually 10 working days.