The alliance of industrial and hand-made

A specialist in made to measure shirts in Europe

The manufacturing of the made to measure shirts is the result of a partnership between Formens and the Poletti company, both located on the same industrial site.

FORMENS manages the preparation of the order, the pattern generation, the cutting of the fabrics on our latest generation Gerber machines, the quality control and the shipment of the shirts. As for the fabrics, Formens ensures the fabric choice for the collections, supplies the trims and assures the storage.
The POLETTI company with its craftsmanship, provides the manufacturing of a traditional tailor.

Together we form a strong and powerful partnership, able to become an European leader in the made to measure shirts market.

The pattern design know-how

FORMENS developed patterns specifically adapted to European morphologies.

Its very specialized alteration system takes into account the posture defects and the most atypical morphologies:

  • High shoulders,
  • Low shoulders,
  • Armhole depth,
  • Neck depth.

FORMENS can also develop specific patterns according to your needs .

The industrial made to measure close to bespoke tailoring

Thanks to the combination of measures and alterations created to correct posture defects and to perfectly fit the client's morphology, the industrial made to measure system developped by Formens allows us to get closer to bespoke tailoring.
The customer can chose to send our teams the following informations:

  • the body measurements.
  • low shoulder positions.
  • the measurements of the final manufactured shirt.
  • the modifications to be made comparing to the try-on shirt available in stores.

Different measurement points are taken into account :

  • the neck,
  • the chest,
  • the waist,
  • the hip,
  • the sleeve length: right & left,
  • the bottom of the sleeve : right & left,
  • the shirt length,
  • the biceps diameter below of the armhole.

Design your own ... We will make it !

Formens offers a very wide variety of style options, probably one of the largest on the European industrial manufacturing market ..

Here is an example of what kind of customizations can be made:

  • the neck point, with a standard selection of about 16 styles,
  • the cuffs,
  • the pockets,
  • the placket,
  • the shirt hem,
  • fantasy lining applied on collar, placket, sleeve vent, round bottom with triangle,
  • the sewing thread for the elbow patches,
  • the buttons,

Fine embroideries ( monograms ) can be customized in various sizes and fonts.

The quality for a made to measure shirt must be perfect

Formens positions itself on a very high level of manufacturing which is characterized by:

  • Seams regularity,
  • Fine regular stitches, 7 points per centimeter,
  • English sewings,
  • Cross–stitched buttons made with a lag for greater strength and ease of use,
  • The possibility of choosing collars and cuffs with 1mm visible or invisible stitching from the hem,
  • The perfect stripe match between the shoulders and the sleeves, pockets and cuff vents,
  • The round bottoms with personalized triangles,
  • And many many more ...

The quality provided by the italian fabrics paramount

Formens offers its customers four possible sources for the fabrics :

  • From the stock that Formens aquires : more than 200 fabrics permanently stored and 2 offers per season, twice a year . The fabrics we propose cover a large variety of fabrics of italian or european origin ( Albini , Thomas Mason , Mileta , Soktas , Alumo ) .

An ergonomic and reliable tool for order management

Formens developed the ORDER MANAGER, a web interface which allows customers to place and track their orders on the internet.
The interface allows a very quick entry and monitoring of the shirts orders at every production stage up to the delivery .

The production lead time for made to measure shirts is of one week. Formens organizes shipping to European customers within 8-12 days.