A service-oriented manufacturing company

Founded by 2 engineers with textile industry background, the Formens venture started in 1999 with the acquisition of equipment from VESTRA. The production lines were assembled in the North-East of Romania, near the borders with the Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova, in a strategic hub recognized for the quality of its workers and the know-how of the technicians.

Our proximity with the Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova and the well known Iasi University (specialized in textiles since 1934), locates us in a strategic textile hub recognized for over a century.

The combination of French and Romanian know-how made us the leaders of the suit industry in France. Our understanding of the market as well as the anticipation of our clients’ needs enabled us to distinguish ourselves on two different fronts:

  • On the Ready to Wear market, for international brands. Starting with the developpement of entire collections up to the production of the suits , jackets , trousers and other casual pieces
  • On the Made to measure market with fused, half canvas, full canvas constructed suits as well as made to measure shirts. Formens acquired the leading position for made to measure suits on several countries in Europe, including France.

In 2013 Formens’ turnover reached 37.2 Million Euros with a 14% increase from 2012.